Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning

With Huck's Carpet Cleaning Fenton, you don’t need to replace your best sofa or best recliner; let our experts rejuvenate your furniture and upholstery.  At Huck’s Carpet Cleaning Fenton MO, we understand the connection our customers have with their furniture. Our furniture can represent an investment in our homes. Huck’s Carpet Cleaning can greatly extend the lasting beauty of your living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture.
The type of upholstery, its age, brand and condition are all important variables we use to determine what method we will use to clean your furniture, with the help of our truck mount cleaning machine. Our technician will assess your type of upholstery and contents of the fabric, and then carefully follow the upholstery cleaning information for each item.

Carpet Cleaning Fenton, uses a formula containing oxygen as a powerful cleaning tool to remove all of the soil from the furniture fiber before extracting and vacuuming out the dirt and grime. The oxygen formula process uses less water than other cleaning methods, which cuts down tremendously on drying time.

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carpet cleaning fenton
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