Huck's Carpet Cleaning Fenton MO, also offers tile and grout cleaning services.  Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Service uses a powerful cleaning system (The Spinner hard surface cleaner) powered by our truck mount with a 230-degree water temperature that will safely remove built up dirt and grime to return your tile and grout surfaces looking like new. Call for a free estimate.

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The Spinner tile cleaning machine is designed to work on a wide variety of areas, including bathrooms, sidewalks, grouted tile, ceramic tile, rubber studded floors, and more.

They feature flange mounted carbide swivels and a replaceable skirt brush. The handles are made of heavy duty stainless steel. All are rated for use with psi from 600 to as high as 3000. They don't look like any other tool you've seen before, and no other tool cleans like a Spinner.

The spinner is designed to clean effectively on a wide variety of floors, including:  Restaurants, Schools, Garages, Restrooms, Sidewalks, Grouted Tile, Ceramic Tile, Porcelain Tile & Rubber Studded Floors.

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