Carpet Cleaning Fenton - Carpet Stretching

Huck's Carpet Cleaning Fenton now does carpet stretching and repair.  As time goes on, it is common for your carpet to start showing signs of wear, especially in older carpets and carpets located in heavy traffic areas of your home or business. The well-used and damaged carpet can show seams, runs in the pile, or even sections where the pile fibers are completely worn or removed. Huck's Carpet Cleaning offers a range of carpet repair and carpet stretching services, including:

- Cutting and/or patching your carpet, removing any signs of wear

- Resealing any seams that might be showing or splitting

- Repairing runs that might have developed in the pile

- Carpet stretching, removing any wrinkles or creases that may have begun to form

Our professional carpet stretching and repairs are done at a fraction of the cost of replacement, allowing you to save money while still being able to enjoy newer looking carpet right away.